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I've tried almost all of your amazing teas and Sikkim tea and the Darjeeling tea are my personal favourites since I like Indian teas the best. However, I tried Blue tea and Olive tea for the first time and I must say, I loved the flavours and the colors also add to the whole experience. I never thought that my daily tea could be so diverse and flavorful! Good job by Brewed Leaf team for doing the best job possible!

Shrija Bhattacharya


For the best teas and tea blends with best assured quality and lowest possible rates.

Rajat Jajoo


I’m not an expert in tea but I know what i like. Brewed leaf is the place to have all variety of extraordinary premium tea under the same roof. Simply amazing taste and aroma.

Aakriti Gupta


I have tried the amazing tea collection of theirs and i just love how their flavours taste, olive tea and blue tea are my personal favourite currently, the aroma and colour adds more lifebto it.

Anwesha dutta