Coffee to tea

Interview with a Coffee Drinker turned Tea Lover

Why did you decide to switch from coffee to tea?

I was over-doing it with coffee. Sometimes I would drink like four cups a day and that’s a lot of caffeine. Soon I realized that I was getting addicted to coffee and when I didn’t drink the beverage, I would get headaches and feel a lot of discomfort. People around me also started to notice these changes and that’s when I realized things were going wrong. At night, people usually have a habit of drinking hot water or milk before going to bed, but guess what? I used to drink cold coffee and make my friends in hostel also drink with me! That’s a reason why I decided to make the shift.

So you were completely a coffee person?

So being a coffee person is not in the past, I still believe that I’m a coffee person. But since I’ve started to care about my health, I’ve limited my coffee consumption and I’m no more addicted to it. When I decided to reduce my coffee consumption, I needed something else to replace it so naturally I started drinking tea.

So you are into tea now? What do you like about tea?

With tea, you get a lot of flavors and I don’t think that many choices exist for coffee. I’ve tasted the extremes like chocolate tea, hibiscus tea and that keeps me excited. Now that I drink tea, I drink it in that small desi steel tea cup, so I know that my caffeine intake is not exceeding the average limit. You know like when you drink coffee it’s usually in a humongous mug so you never know how much caffeine is flowing in your blood.

What are some of your favorite flavors of tea?

I love hibiscus tea, especially chilled. It’s the perfect refreshing summer drink for me and I totally recommend this to the readers. I also enjoy chamomile tea a lot. There are days when I’m much stressed and cannot fall asleep, so chamomile tea helps me calm down my nerves and just relax. Last but not the least, I also truly enjoy drinking masala tea because it’s my most preferred Indian tea variant. 

So for those of you who are reading this and are still addicted to coffee, it’s still not too late. You can still take matters in your own hands and take the right decision. Tea is a beverage that has a lot of health benefits, so this new year, pledge to take better care of your body.

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