Darjeeling Tea Benefits

4 Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea

One of the most preferred Indian tea is Darjeeling Tea. Having a fruity aroma and a golden color, this variant of tea comes from the beautiful landscape of Darjeeling. Since a lot of the older generations prefer this tea, it’s actually a hit among all age groups. One sip and you’re instantly transported to mountains and valleys that overlook tea gardens. But that’s not it and we all know that Darjeeling’s tea has some of the best health benefits. So here are the top four of them.

1. Improves gut health:

A happy gut equals to a happy life. An unhealthy gut can constitute to so many health problems that you will be baffled. Hence it’s a priority to take good care of your gut. The polyphenols in Darjeeling tea helps promote digestive health. This tea also helps in the growth of good bacteria in your stomach that may help lose weight.

2. Promotes oral health and hygiene:

Let’s all be honest, our teeth are the most under-appreciated part of our body. Good set of teeth and good oral health is something we should all focus on. Compounds in black tea like the Darjeeling tea helps in the growth of good bacteria in our mouth that prevents cavities and also keeps bad breath away. Tea leaves contain fluoride, which strengthens the enamel on your teeth.

3. Boosts heart health:

The heart and the brain are the two most important organs in our body. However our heart is usually the one more at risk due to our consumption habits. Hence we should be careful about the type of food and beverage we are consuming. Studies have shown that flavonoids or phytonutrient-rich plant pigments found in tea can lower cholesterol levels. High cholesterol can cause half of the heart problems we know of, so Darjeeling tea will help you take care of it.

4. Helps lower blood sugar levels:

Diabetes is a chronic disease that bothers a person constantly if the blood sugar levels are not controlled. In the case of type 2 diabetes, the patient faces high blood sugar levels because their bodies cannot produce enough insulin. Studies have shown that drinking black tea like Darjeeling tea can lower blood sugar levels.

Now go ahead and brew yourself a nice cup of Darjeeling tea, close your eyes and teleport yourself into the mountains that house some of the finest tea gardens in the country. If you’re into tea tourism, come down to Darjeeling and visit some of our gardens too. I promise, it will be an unforgettable experience.

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