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The Idea Behind BREWED LEAF Tea

Brewed Leaf is a new-age tea brand that believes in redefining how tea is being produced in the country and the world. We source our tea leaves from the best tea estates in India and abroad, and we hand-pick them to ensure the highest quality. We also have a team of expert tea tasters who ensure that our tea is consistently delicious. We also have a line of specialty teas, such as our 7 Spice Masala Chai and our Chamomile Tea. Our mission is to provide our customers with the freshest, most delicious tea possible. We believe that tea is more than just a beverage, it is a way to connect with our culture and our heritage. We want to make tea accessible to everyone, and we want to help people discover the joy of drinking tea.

Our Story Is Steeped In Tradition And Brewed With Love.

Founded in 2020 by Mr. Vaibhav Jajoo, Brewed Leaf is on a mission to make tea both healthier and more accessible. Hailing from the picturesque Darjeeling, known as the Queen of Hills, Mr. Jajoo's childhood was steeped in the freshest tea experiences. His passion for this beverage led to the birth of Brewed Leaf. The name "Brewed Leaf" symbolizes their belief that tea isn't just a drink but an integral part of culture. With Darjeeling's ideal climate for tea cultivation, they aim to provide a wide range of teas, from Green to White, Black to Specialty. All their teas are 100% natural and organic, free from harmful chemicals. The team's extensive knowledge and experience ensure you get the finest teas that not only tantalize your taste buds but also benefit your health. Brewed Leaf's unique blends promise an unparalleled taste that sets them apart in the world of organic teas. Every sip takes you on a journey of new flavors, leaving you yearning for more. Brewed Leaf strives to deliver a refreshing and rejuvenating tea experience that goes beyond quenching your thirst.

Founder & CEO

Mr. Vaibhav Jajoo

Meet the man in charge of Brewed Leaf, Mr. Vaibhav Jajoo. He personifies the essence of our premium tea brand as its founder and CEO. Mr. Jajoo has the idea to create an amazing tea experience that combines history and innovation because of his passionate love for tea. The cornerstones of Brewed Leaf are his devotion to finding the best tea leaves and his uncompromising commitment to excellence. Under his direction, we developed into a company whose name is now synonymous with the highest-quality teas and a dedication to the fullest possible tea experience. The tone for our brand is defined by Mr. Jajoo's leadership style, which combines professionalism with a laid-back attitude. With his knowledge and vision, Brewed Leaf has prospered and continues to provide tea lovers with genuine tea happiness.

Co Founder

Mr. Rajat Jajoo

Meet Mr. Rajat Jajoo, the creative Brewed Leaf co-founder. Rajat has played a crucial role in creating the identity of our premium tea brand because of his passion for tea and steadfast dedication to quality. Brewed Leaf's outstanding flavors are the result of Rajat's knowledge of the tea industry and his commitment to finding the best leaves. Every tea we offer reflects his dedication to authenticity and excellence. Rajat's trip exemplifies the philosophy of our company: professionalism with a friendly, relaxed feel. His distinctive touch makes every Brewed Leaf blend a work of art. As co-founder of Brewed Leaf, Mr. Rajat Jajoo inspires us with his love of tea and unrelenting commitment to quality products.